Cumberland, R.I

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For amazing prices starting at – $20 a week – you’ll have exceptional content shaped specifically for your business, posted at least once a day, 5 days a week on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

  • Articles and pictures cautiously selected to get noticed by your target viewers.

  • Dependable use of hashtags to grow your social searches on the net.

*Example Plans*

Plan A: $20 a Week: Postings for 2 Social Medias.

Plan B: $32 a Week: Postings for 3 Social Medias.

Plan C: $44 a Week: Postings for 4 Social Medias.

Plan D: $56 a Week: Postings for 5 Social Medias.

*Other Services besides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may have additional charges.

*More than one posting a day is extra $2.00 per day to your service.

*Posting over the weekend for each post is a extra $2.00 per day to your service.

*You can have whatever service you want, above is just an example of cost of services. Also services not listed that you do want can be brought up. Estimates will be provided as well.

* You can customize your own plan with specific services you want and you will get an estimate.

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